Chiang Mai Cultural Arts Hall won the contest. Industry awards. ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 Tours to Thailand 6 times in 2549 and Annual Awards ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 No. 21.
        Chiang Mai Municipality. Cultural arts program at City Hall, Chiang Mai to travel to a source of learning. And is central to the Published knowledge. The historic city of Chiang Mai heritage value and good of the city as well. Characterize people's social Chiangmai To Chiang Mai in the next generation.
         Chiang Mai Municipality in 2549. Hall Cultural Arts Project sent Chiang Mai Participate in the awards competition. ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 Thai tourism industry at times 6 and 2549 annual awards competition ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 No. 21, sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) tory burch shoes, the Chiang Mai Municipality submitted that the tower project in Chiang Mai Cultural Arts. the competition is a good opportunity to publish and release to be known more.
        From participating in the contest both these awards. Best ASEAN Cultural Preservation Effort. ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 (ASEANTA Tourism Assocition - ASEANTA) Raffles City Convention Results show that the Chiang Mai Cultural Arts Hall won Best Artist category Attractions Cultural (North) of the Thai Tourism Industry Awards 6 Year 2549 organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and won the category. Best ASEAN Cultural Preservation Effort. prize in the ASEANTA Excellence Awards 2007 organized by the 21 ASEAN Tourism Business Association (ASEANTA Tourism Assocition - ASEANTA), which has received an award ceremony at the Raffles City Convention the Republic of Singapore on 30 January. 2550.